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Lagan Lip Saver

Developed by Brennan Lagan, the Lagan Lip Saver is a heat-sensitive material that molds to the player’s teeth for a customized, comfortable, and secure method for preventing pain when playing woodwind instruments.

  • Long lasting
  • Reusable
  • Washable

*Please note: The 2-pack comes with only 1 storage container

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Brennan Lagan holds degrees in music from Penn State University and the University of Oklahoma, where he studied saxophone with David Stambler & Jonathan Nichol. He has been the Saxophone Specialist at Meridian Winds since 2016, when he developed the idea for a mold-able lip saving device designed for the specific needs of a woodwind player. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Lagan Lip Saver since he began giving them to his friends and clients in 2016, they are now available at Meridian Winds!


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Weight .4 lbs
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