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Hoyen Carbono Carbon Fiber Mouthpiece Cushions

INNOVATION: Hoyen cushions are manufactured with carbon fiber, an extremely flexible material that is the perfect base for our pads, enduring them against tearing. The synthetic resin that covers our cushions is the result of numerous tests to achieve the perfect equilibrium between ergonomic design and strength.

HYGIENE: Hoyen cushions are more hygienic than average. Once you have finished using your instrument only wiping them with a cloth will dry them completely avoiding germ proliferation.

PERSONALIZATION: The carbon fiber finish will make your cushion have a touch of distinction different from the rest.

LIFESPAN: The patented carbon fiber and resin base, because of the high-strength to abrasion, protects the mouthpiece from being damaged. You will be surprised by how much time Hoyen cushions last. They have been tested with a variety of musicians and the results have been overwhelming, making Hoyen cushions last for around 5 times more than a regular one!

VIBRATIONS: Carbon Fiber dissipates the vibrations when you play your instrument making the mouthpiece much more comfortable while you are playing.


  • Can’t be bitten through!
  • Available in 1 size (XS is DISCONTINUED)
  • Thickness ~ 1mm
  • Consistency is similar to a new thin clear patch
  • *1-packs will ship free (without tracking number)*

**Please note: Before adhering a Carbono patch to your mouthpiece, be sure to bend them as you would bend the brim of a new baseball cap. The material is slightly stiff and this will help them stick to the edges of the mouthpiece without peeling up later.**



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Weight .1 lbs


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