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Aurus 4CL – Hand Position Trainer for Beginning Clarinetists

Aurus 4 CL is an tool for beginning clarinet students which connects to the upper joint, allowing the hand position and embouchure to be learned correctly without the weight of the entire clarinet.


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With the Aurus 4CL, beginners learn the first hand positions and prepare themselves to play on the fully assembled clarinet. The Aurus 4CL mounts onto the upper joint so that beginners learn to keep embouchure and the position of the left hand unchanged from the first lesson.

There is no integrated thumb rest, so the weight of the clarinet does not weigh on the thumb, and the right hand does not change until the student begins to practice in lower posture. A finger rest for the LH little finger helps to solidify proper RH position. It also simplifies learning to use the register key, which is one of the first steps the student is advised to learn.


In my professional experience as a clarinet teacher for years I noticed that the weight of the complete clarinet can influence first important steps in a negative way. The wrong position is often learned due to torsion of the right wrist, and the embouchure is also neglected. In addition, beginners often learn an inaccurate position for the left thumb which results in difficulties using the register key.

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