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Seavine Cymbal Gloves

Meridian Winds is proud to be the new Michigan dealer of Seavine Cymbal Gloves and Accessories!


About Seavine:


The Cymbal Gloves emerged from the place any new product emerges from, which is a place of need. Chelsea Levine sought a way to help her cymbal line at Centerville High School (PSW) achieve some skills they were struggling with. Her students were having difficulties executing the visual phrases she wished to implement, and in some cases, they were experiencing bleeding on the wrists from the abrasive nature of the cymbal straps. From the need to protect the health of her students, as well as find a way to broaden their abilities came the idea for a layer of “armor”, so to speak, that would also solve the problem of straps that grew sticky from the sweat of the performers. With the use of The Cymbal Gloves, that cymbal line learned the skills they were seeking to learn, and it was clear that this tool could help solve these very common problems for other cymbal lines in the activity.


Here in-lies the best part of The Cymbal Gloves, in that the people who profit from the sale of this product are cymbal players themselves. With every purchase of a pair of The Cymbal Gloves, the profits are wholly funneled into a fund that is dedicated to scholarships for cymbal players who wish to partake in the higher levels of the pageantry arts. These scholarships are offered under the umbrella of Κψμβοσ, a cymbal fraternity established by Jack Borland in 2008. Jack and Chelsea co-chair the scholarship and oversee all fund-raising, adjudicator selection and management, and applicant eligibility. Currently, these scholarships are open to people who perform in certain classes of Drum Corps International (DCI) and Winter Guard International (WGI). Plans are currently in place to open the scholarship to ALL classes of DCI and WGI, as well as long-term plans to extend it to performers in Drum Corps Associates (DCA) as well as Bands of America (BOA). The goal is for the sale of The Cymbal Gloves to always reward its most important asset…its performers.”


The Cymbal Gloves are a high performance spandex cymbal sleeve for marching cymbal players in the marching arts like WGI (Winter Guard International) and DCI (Drum Corps International).

  • Provide protection to the arms – they provide another layer of “skin” for the player
  • Prevent abrasions and swelling
  • Prevent friction and, in some cases, “sticking” of the cymbal strap on the wrist and forearm without compromising the look of the player
  • Maximize performance and prevent injuries
  • Machine washable



Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 6 x 1 in

Small, Medium, Large


Black, Cappuccino

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